James King of William

I come from a family of prolific writers. The most famous of all was my great-great grandfather, James King of William, who, in the 1850s, started the San Francisco Call-Bulletin with intentions to rid the city of political corruption, which was rampant at the time. 

For his efforts, after exposing a few devious and dishonest leaders of the city, he was shot dead, but his city was soon cleansed.

I can’t say I grew up vowing to be a journalist in the same vein as James King (the William was added to differentiate himself from other Kings) and I can’t say the same for my sister and brother, who became scribes in their own right, but I can state that writing is in our familial blood.

All of us realize the power and the magic of an interesting narrative, be it tragic, memorable, amusing or inspirational. Every one of us has a unique tale or two to tell, as I have discovered throughout my career as a television, radio, and print reporter.

I was fortunate enough to have most of my stories published or broadcast throughout the years. Perhaps you might have seen or read one or two. If you haven’t, stay tuned.